The Difficulty of Finding Good Interstate Moving Companies in Australia

Moving your goods interstate to Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth due to one reason or the other can be tedious, risky and frustrating. You, therefore need an interstate company that will not frustrate you further. There are numerous Brisbane movers that provide their services in Australia to help you move your goods but finding one that you can rely on is hard. The removalists Brisbane companies that an really help you can be found on the internet. Look for good reviews and customer testimonials to help you make your choice – See more at one of our recommended removalists sites –


There have been numerous reported cases of how people have lost their valuable goods to moving companies. After handing over your goods to these companies, they either claim to have been attacked while on transit or when packing into your new location, you realize that you are missing some items. It is hard for you to get your items back in such scenarios. It is becoming hard to get a company that will deliver your goods intact.


Moving your belongings from one place to another is expensive. The companies take advantage of issues such as urgency and the value of the goods being moved to extort money from their customers. There is no specific rates assigned to moving goods, for example the amount of money they charge to transport an Audi maybe different from what they charge to transport a Mercedes. You, therefore, have to be ready to part with a huge amount of money if you are moving interstate.

Time Keeping

When you acquire the services of these Brisbane businesses, you get into an agreement as to when the goods should be delivered. Finding one that can adhere to the agreement is hard. The companies always have an excuse for not delivering your goods on time. These delays not only cost you a lot of time but adds to your frustration. For example if you are looking to set up your office in a different location and your furniture takes months to be delivered, it will be a major setback for your business.

Customer Service

In other businesses, good customer service is of great importance, this seems not to apply to the Brisbane Interstate removalists business. You will get good customer service while you express interest in moving your goods with a company but the service deteriorates once you have left your valuables on their hands. Sometimes your calls might go unanswered if you are calling to enquire why your goods have not yet been delivered. If you are lucky, you will get an answer on the other end telling you to be patient that your goods will be delivered soon. Once they are delivered, some companies demand of you to unpack your goods as quickly as possible for they need their container for other transits. You are only important to them when you are in need of their services.

Insurance Cover

There is a risk of your goods getting damaged or destroyed while on transit, you therefore need a company with an insurance cover. The bad news is that it is hard to find such companies in Australia and the ones available are way too much expensive. You are left with two choices, to either spend a huge amount for transportation of your goods or release your goods to people who might damage them.


Moving goods from one place to another without damaging them requires experience. There are many companies in Australia that claim to deliver your goods in the same condition as you packed them only for them to damage them in the process. It becomes hard to distinguish a company that has been around for a long time from that that came up recently. However, no matter the years of experience that a company has in moving valuables you are always skeptical about the condition of your goods when delivered to you due to the long journey. Do some research of Perth businesses on the internet and see whether the moving company you used has recommendations or endorsements from past client – it is always a great idea to check references this way.

Finding a Perth based moving company that will deliver your goods in the same condition that you packed them is difficult. You run a risk of losing your goods while on transit and if you enrolled for the services of a company with no insurance cover, you will not get your goods back. It is also hard to get removals perth companies that have experience in moving valuables interstate. Get more info here. Therefore you may have to settle for a company with little knowledge on how to transport valuable goods. Relying on them to move your goods is expensive and you have to put up with their bad customer service.